Survey Preparation List 

1. If vessel is to be hauled, it must be properly blocked and secured and the hauler should be contacted to insure the time and schedule.

2. Insure the vessel is prepared and operational for the sea trial. If repairs are needed, this should be performed before the day of the sea trial.

3. Remove all anchors, chains, and ropes if they cannot be properly viewed in their lockers.

4. Have contents of lockers prepared for easy viewing and inventory.

5. Have all safety equipment together for inspection. ( PFD”s, throw cushions, rings, flares, sound devices, fire extinguishers, life rafts etc.)

6. Have all bildge areas dry for viewing of pumps, thru-hull fittings, and glass work.

7. Have all necessary paper work available. ( previous surveys, maintenance records, Registration, documentation, etc.)

8. The owner or purchaser of this survey may be present during this inspection and is encouraged to do so.

9. If a sea trial is to be conducted, the owner or broker needs to be present to operate the vessel.

10. If a trailer is to be inspected, be sure to have all necessary paperwork available. (registration, maintenance records, etc.)